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My mum taught me to knit when I was 5, and i've dabbled with it off an on since then, but not as seriously as I have in the last six months. I have since taught myself to knit socks and baby jackets while having a lot of fun.

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I made a deal with my boyfriend, if I knit 10,000 baby hats we can have a baby! Haha. If I ever get to 10,000 we will be broke!

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I'm a cheap knitter, so I'm always keeping an eye out for wool on sale or good discounts. In the photo of my stash, the larger blue and purple balls of wool only cost $1.99 NZD per 100gm, which is by far the cheapest, and it knits up nicely as well as the fact that it just feels good!

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Fashion-Knit Sale Last Friday

Fashion-Knit in Walnut Creek was having a moving sale last Friday and of course I had to take a look.

Ended up buying two skeins of Tilli Tomas Rock Star in American Beauty (BEAUTIFUL silk yarn with beads) at 25% off!  I am still trying to decide what pattern I want to use.  I definitely want to make a scarf since 2 skeins is only 300 yards.  I just purchased "lace and eyelets" by erika knight for pattern ideas...because I definitely want to use a lacey pattern.....

Also picked up two balls of aurora 8 to make a baby hat for a family friend.

All bags were 50% off so I purchased a small Lantern Moon project bag and one of their larger woven bags in black and orange. 
Gotta love sales!!

I also just joined which is quite a cool site for yarnaholic/knitaholics like me!!!
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knitting books: jo sharp and mel clark/tracey ullman

i have been on a quest to find chic new patterns for a sweater or cardigan that i can make in an effort to use up some of the yarn stash i seem to have built up...  on this quest, i ended up making two purchases.  one was an online order, so i am still awaiting the arrival of the pattern book, but today, i came across a NEW book that i had heard about recently called knit 2 together by tracey ullman (yes, that tracey ullman) and mel clark.  

i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked the patterns in this book!!!  i can't wait to get home and start making the 'rowena cardigan' with my silk/cotton blend brown sheep company yarn...

my online purchase was jo sharp knit 1 'magazine' -- i'm actually not sure if this is technically a book or a magazine... but it looks like there are some fabulous patterns in it (this website actually shows some good pictures of the patterns included in the book, which is nice....

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Dolls in Hand-knitted high quality wool/yarn dress. Click on picture for better view.

Please send me an offer to

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store review: article pract (northern california)

Store: article pract located in Oakland, CA

summary:  great atmosphere and large yarn selection. quite a few 'unique' yarns that other stores typically do not carry. great prices.

ambiance: 3 purls - nicely laid out store, although i'm not exactly sure how they organize their yarn..... overall, pleasant store to visit. lots of samples throughout the store - although there's nowhere to sit or work on projects.... they do not foster 'hanging out'...

customer friendliness:: 3 purls - friendly, very willing to help, answer questions, etc.

yarn selection/pricing:  4 purls - pricing was very reasonable and they always have yarn on sale in the back of the store - noticed prices are in general $2-$3 less than majority of the other stores I have visited. decent selection of yarn and great variety of types of yarn. great book, pattern, yarn bag/basket, accessories selections as well. they carry all sorts of brands including colinette, habu textiles, ggh, koigu, brown sheep company, louisa harding, karabella, etc. etc. etc....

Ratings schema:
1 purl - so not worth my time!!!!
2 purls - not really worth my time, but i might suck it up and deal with it if i'm desperate
3 purls - not too shabby!
4 purls - i love it!
feel free to use this format for your store ratings in the knitting101community!!! the more reviews, the better!

DISCLAIMER: these ratings are based off my personal experiences and may not reflect the experience you have when visiting this store. these are just my own opinions and you are welcome to agree or disagree with them.